Graphic design works by Polish freelancer Marta Gawin. I really like Marta’s range of technics she uses to produce right-to-the-point styles for each project. Here are a couple of examples of what she’s made so far. I recommend you to check out her website to see more:

xxii-ars-cameralis-festival-2013-formatb1-9 xxi-ars-cameralis-festival-2012-formatb1-1 street-art-festival-2013-formatb1-2 plakat-ac14 mobile-design-container-2012-4-formatb1 loud-2013-formatb1-2 ksaf20 castle-cieszyn-birthday-2012-formatb1 ac2 737ce133217697-5782158ea96a7 95a18032751217-5692985951ee6