Category: Photography

“Candy Minimal” photographer Matt Crump

These colors … caught my eyes instantly. The atmosphere and the balance of these pictures are really astonishing and powerful. Matt Crump is a multi-awarded photographer capturing pictures of…

Photography by Laurence Philomene

Colorful and vibrant photos by the very talented Laurence Philomene, a 23-year-old Canadian freelance photographer. Check out her portfolio on her website.

Expired L.A. by Vicky Moon

Ongoing photo project by L.A. photographer Vicky Moon who captures in this Serie old buildings and signs at night on expired 5×4 film. ALL IMAGES ARE © VICKY…

Paperworks by Maija Savolainen

What you see at the bottom of each picture is nothing more than a folded paper sheet. The top is the sky reflecting on it: Isn’t it brilliant and…

Painted photographies by Pawel Nolbert

Flashy and colorful painted photographies by Pawel Nolbert from Warsaw, Poland, a multi-awarded and featured freelance artist, illustrator and designer. All his work really worth a quick visit…

Photo, set design and craft by Adriana Napolitano

What a fantastic universe, all made of paper, by Italian Adriana Napolitano. Ideas, realization, photography… every step in her creative process is perfectly mastered: A lot of experience…

The Balloon Series by Pablo Alfieri

How playful! Ballons, air, pink and marbling effect for fun photos built around solid compositions by Art Director Pablo Alfieri from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Love the freshness and the…

Maurizio Nannucci at MAXXI Museum

Neon artworks by Italian contemporary artist Maurizio Nannucci.   (Photos courtesy of MAXXI and by Simone Gänsheimer, Musacchio & Ianniello, Roman Mensing, Carlo Cantini)

Salt and Sky by Brooke Holm

Salt and Sky serie by Brooke Holm

Lovely aerial photos of salt fields in Western Australia by Brooke Holm, a New York-based photographer. All images © BROOKE HOLM 2016

The Chia Co – Poolside by Dia

A party branding, showcasing interesting combinations of vibrant colors and singular photographies. See other projects by Dia, a strategy, branding, design and motion studio based in NYC, USA.

Pastel colors by Sallie Harrison

Sallie Harrison brings us in her very particular world, oddly extremely hot and cold at the same time. Here is her Instagram to warm up  your eyes this morning.

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