Category: Graphic Design

Designs by Marta Gawin

Graphic design works by Polish freelancer Marta Gawin. I really like Marta’s range of technics she uses to produce right-to-the-point styles for each project. Here are a couple of…

Designs by Caterina Bianchini

Londoner Caterina Bianchi: Yet another talented art director. Check out her work, really excellent. With clients like Adidas, Ministry of Sound or Boiler Room, design definitely has to…

Designs by Xavier Esclusa

A very dynamic graphic design universe where colors and layouts are meticulously composed to offer punchy and inventive creations. Xavier Esclusa  is an Art director & Graphic Designer…

Painted photographies by Pawel Nolbert

Flashy and colorful painted photographies by Pawel Nolbert from Warsaw, Poland, a multi-awarded and featured freelance artist, illustrator and designer. All his work really worth a quick visit…

Graphic design pieces by Quim Marin

Check out how fresh, clean and well-balanced these compositions are, from Quim Marin, a talented Barcelona based art director. Official website

Artworks by Vincent Perrottet

Superb graphic design artworks, printed on large size sheets. Color rendering is gorgeous and graphic layouts are beautifully mastered. Check out Vincent’s website here.

The Chia Co – Poolside by Dia

A party branding, showcasing interesting combinations of vibrant colors and singular photographies. See other projects by Dia, a strategy, branding, design and motion studio based in NYC, USA.

Personal work of Jessica Johnson

Based in Leeds, UK, recently graduated graphic designer Jessica Johnson has already a true screen printing and foiling expertise.

Posters by Awake!

Very graphic posters from Awake!, a graphic design studio based in South-Korea.

Studio Carreras minimalism

Minimalism as its best. Removing things is such a difficult exercise. Really impressed by this simplification work by Studio Carreras, Spain. Their Instagram is also to be checked out.

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