“Atypical” by Pawel Nolbert

Obviously, Pawel Nolbert likes to blur borders between mediums, dimensions and technics in these hypnotic illustrations representing typos and abstract subjects at the same time. I kinda like…

“Candy Minimal” photographer Matt Crump

These colors … caught my eyes instantly. The atmosphere and the balance of these pictures are really astonishing and powerful. Matt Crump is a multi-awarded photographer capturing pictures of…

Illustrations by Eline Van Dam a.k.a. Zeloot

Incredible work from Eline, a Dutch freelancer living in Germany!

Photography by Laurence Philomene

Colorful and vibrant photos by the very talented Laurence Philomene, a 23-year-old Canadian freelance photographer. Check out her portfolio on her website.

Expired L.A. by Vicky Moon

Ongoing photo project by L.A. photographer Vicky Moon who captures in this Serie old buildings and signs at night on expired 5×4 film. ALL IMAGES ARE © VICKY…

Paperworks by Maija Savolainen

What you see at the bottom of each picture is nothing more than a folded paper sheet. The top is the sky reflecting on it: Isn’t it brilliant and…

Designs by Marta Gawin

Graphic design works by Polish freelancer Marta Gawin. I really like Marta’s range of technics she uses to produce right-to-the-point styles for each project. Here are a couple of…

Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone

Gigantic painted stone assemblage in Nevada’s desert expressing Man and Nature relationship by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone.

Designs by Caterina Bianchini

Londoner Caterina Bianchi: Yet another talented art director. Check out her work, really excellent. With clients like Adidas, Ministry of Sound or Boiler Room, design definitely has to…

Designs by Xavier Esclusa

A very dynamic graphic design universe where colors and layouts are meticulously composed to offer punchy and inventive creations. Xavier Esclusa  is an Art director & Graphic Designer…

Painted photographies by Pawel Nolbert

Flashy and colorful painted photographies by Pawel Nolbert from Warsaw, Poland, a multi-awarded and featured freelance artist, illustrator and designer. All his work really worth a quick visit…

Unwoven Light by Soo Sunny Park

Another fantastic light deconstruction by Soo Sunny Park , visible at the RICE Gallery, Houston, Texas : A chain-link fence embedded with translucent sections of Plexiglas decomposes light and…

Graphic design pieces by Quim Marin

Check out how fresh, clean and well-balanced these compositions are, from Quim Marin, a talented Barcelona based art director. Official website

Artworks by Vincent Perrottet

Superb graphic design artworks, printed on large size sheets. Color rendering is gorgeous and graphic layouts are beautifully mastered. Check out Vincent’s website here.

Cornea Ti by the School of Design Mainz and the Ensemble Modern Frankfurt

This kind of project I love combines sounds and light in a very aesthetic way, when static curved walls seem to move by themselves thanks to the changing…

Photo, set design and craft by Adriana Napolitano

What a fantastic universe, all made of paper, by Italian Adriana Napolitano. Ideas, realization, photography… every step in her creative process is perfectly mastered: A lot of experience…

The Balloon Series by Pablo Alfieri

How playful! Ballons, air, pink and marbling effect for fun photos built around solid compositions by Art Director Pablo Alfieri from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Love the freshness and the…

To Breathe – A Mirror Woman by Kimsooja

I find this installation really impactful: The diffraction of light thanks to filters films stuck on windows literally fills the space with rainbows. At the same time, you…

“For Those Who Live There Heaven is There” by Osgemeos

I had the chance to visit this exhibition 6 years ago in Lisbon and it was absolutely stunning. The 2 Brazilian brothers, Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo from São Paulo,…

Collide by Onformative

collide, a synaesthetic art installation made in 2016 at the Dolby Laboratories, San Francisco by Onformative, a Berlin-based multi rewarded design studio. credits Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer Design: Bernd Marbach…

Leonie Bos artwork

Leonie Bos is a talented dutch illustrator who graduated from the academy of arts in the Netherlands. I really like the use of a few colors and inspiration…

100 colors no.12 “I am here” by emmanuelle moureaux architecture + design

French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux, living now in Japan, created this interactive installation for the Exhibition “Space in Ginza” at Tokyu Plaza Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. More information about this…

Mochiice packaging concept by Jessica Sjöstedt

Packaging concept by Swedish  graphic designer Jessica Sjöstedt : Print, foil, web, illustration, great job with a nice trans-media unity.

Superklub communication material by Unfun

Superklub is a music event hosted at the famous “Die Rakete” in Nuremberg, Germany. Its communication material has been created by Unfun, a german design studio located in…

Maurizio Nannucci at MAXXI Museum

Neon artworks by Italian contemporary artist Maurizio Nannucci.   (Photos courtesy of MAXXI and by Simone Gänsheimer, Musacchio & Ianniello, Roman Mensing, Carlo Cantini)

Salt and Sky by Brooke Holm

Salt and Sky serie by Brooke Holm

Lovely aerial photos of salt fields in Western Australia by Brooke Holm, a New York-based photographer. All images © BROOKE HOLM 2016

The Chia Co – Poolside by Dia

A party branding, showcasing interesting combinations of vibrant colors and singular photographies. See other projects by Dia, a strategy, branding, design and motion studio based in NYC, USA.

Personal work of Jessica Johnson

Based in Leeds, UK, recently graduated graphic designer Jessica Johnson has already a true screen printing and foiling expertise.

Michela Picchi artworks

Italian illustrator Michela Picchi now based in Berlin produces high-end, vibrant and sophisticated designs. Check out her work on her website : http://www.michelapicchi.com/

Posters by Awake!

Very graphic posters from Awake!, a graphic design studio based in South-Korea.

Blocky Dreams by Yukai Du

Wallpaper and icon package by Yukai Du from London for LINE Deco. All images © Yukai Du

Sudario #Zero by Atto

Sudario #Zero, a risograph printed magazine by italian studio Atto.

Inspired Emily Forgot

Buildings and interior rememberings and retranscription by London-based Emily Forgot, represented in France by Monsieur l’Agent. All images ©Emily Forgot

“Une pause colorée” by Daniel Buren

Architectural facetiae by Daniel Buren for the hotel Le Bristol Paris named “une pause colorée” (“a colored pause”). Reflections and refractions beauties. photo-souvenir © DB-ADAGP, paris photo by julie joubert,…

The Community Shares Company Branding

A well-balanced design, colorful and for a good cause. MadeByFieldWork, Manchester UK studio for The Community Shares Company.

Pastel colors by Sallie Harrison

Sallie Harrison brings us in her very particular world, oddly extremely hot and cold at the same time. Here is her Instagram to warm up  your eyes this morning.

Studio Carreras minimalism

Minimalism as its best. Removing things is such a difficult exercise. Really impressed by this simplification work by Studio Carreras, Spain. Their Instagram is also to be checked out.

Oslo Design Fair identity

This year’s best Norway’s gift- and interior fair had its brand identity been created by Bielke&Yang, an Oslo-based graphic design studio. I really like the use of those colors, textures…

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